The 2019 season has come to an end. This year we served over 2,000 young players, that’s an amazing number! The weather definitely was a challenge especially for our tee ballers that play on Tuesdays and Fridays, however with the tireless efforts of our volunteers we persevered.

We tried a few new things this summer and will continue to look for new ways to better serve our players. This “off” season we will continue to seek ways to better the program. We remain committed to the young people of the area and their desire to learn the game. Our goal is to teach the game of softball/ baseball in a safe, inclusive and fun environment. Everyone should get the chance to play and enjoy this awesome game and NLCBS will strive to make that happen.

Registration for the 2020 season will start right after the first of the year. If you have ideas for next year or would like to help us make improvements please reach out;

Thank you again to everyone; parents, coaches, and volunteers!

Matthew Eckhardt
Operations Manager NLCBS

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